>Sunday, September 09, 2007

Go go go!

Hey people (if anyone even visits this place anymore) (:

Hope the mugging's going well.

And that the stress levels are in check.

Well prelims start in like 17 hours... and before we know it, our A levels start.

But then again, before we know it, the A levels are over as well!

Hoho we must always look on the bright side don't we?

Haha i'm just super bored la.

In any case, good luck everyone! Don't stress so much. (:

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>Saturday, July 21, 2007


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>Monday, December 25, 2006

random blabber.

ok since this blog has been quite dead i've decided to just post something random.

i'm quite free and sian now anw.


well holidays are ending in less than 2 weeks..

i hope u ppl have spent ur holidays well, enjoyed urselves and had a good rest.

my holidays certainly was none of the above. heh.

well i wont be around for the first 4 days of sch cuz of orientation, so u ppl better not miss me ok!!

haha and without me and shaun there really is gonna be quite little guys in class..

so weird.

oh wells. see u ppl around..

enjoy ur christmas (and last few days of the holidays)!!


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>Sunday, November 12, 2006

LJ (sounds vulgar) -.-

ok, LJ was over a few hrs ago, n im so bored now i'll juz talk abt it. :S

1st, its great seeing every1 (or at least most ppl, hehe) again. :)

2nd, dinner was sad. :(

3rd, heng introduced a gd place on e roof terrace of esplanade to us. ^^

4th, the play was (surprisingly) quite gd, interesting! :O

5th, the theatre was so warm n stuffy! :@

6th, supper was fun! I had satay for the first time in... (i cant rmb) :P

7th, we rock! ;)

8th, go for class chalet! :D

-goRdon ><

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>Monday, October 23, 2006


Hey people!

It's almost to the end of the year le (last week of school!)! Thankyou for being such great people.

In case you guys haven't/not intending to/too lazy to read the message i posted up on yahoo groups, remember that Kalinga (is that the correct spelling?) is on 11/11. PLEASE DON'T WEAR SCHOOL UNIFORM! ^^

Let's have a class chalet! so those people who haven't voted, please start feeling guilty and go vote now!

Wanna have a class outing next week after collection of results? Can organise one. We can erm. watch deathnote? fly kites? bowling? fishing?

You people have been wonderfully coorperative, especially today. THANKYOU! woot.

And regardless of where we go, today, tomorrow, next year, or 10 years from now. We'd still be 07S05A, all 28 of us. ^^

We don't rock. We Boulder. Boulder on!


PS. Please read yahoogrps for more details! thankyou!

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>Sunday, October 22, 2006

econs tutorial..

and what does our dear siqi always do in econs class??

the answer...

haha watch her right hand after she woke up for the first time...

she actually started scribbling something with the pen then fell asleep again..


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>Monday, October 09, 2006


were in the com lab now. We're having our PW dry run!!! wongli now talking so interesting says xian kai!!! this thing is so long.

gordon is bored...

haha where did gordon and zhan yuan come from? tsk tsk... just got spotchecked by ms poh bleagh

okay dont really having anything to write. Have a great time everyone


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